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With more than 18,000 stores spread all over the globe, and 270 in Australia alone, Pizza Hut reigns supreme as the largest pizza chain in the world today. This pizza empire comes from humble beginnings: two brothers Dan and Frank Carney opened the very first store in the US state of Kansas in 1958, and quickly captured the taste buds of a growing legion of loyal fans. The chain is now run by Yum! Brands, who also own the KFC and Taco Bell fast-food chains, but rest assured the iconic flavors found in the Pizza Hut menu have stayed true to their roots over the years. After all, why change something that is already so good? With dine-in, delivery and takeaway options across hundreds of stores in Australia, this legendary chain is ready to satisfy your pizza cravings seven days a week.

The Pizza Huts menu offers a wide range of pizza, pasta, wings and sides, all customizable with a huge variety of different flavors. For pizzas alone, you get to pick from over 20 different topping combinations, and that’s without getting into the five different types of crust that you can select. Their signature crispy deep-fried wings come either bone-in or boneless with eight different sauces from the classic smoky BBQ to the hot Peri-Peri sauce. And if you want a change from ordering pizza and wings all the time, Pizza Hut’s baked pasta options have also got you covered with favorites like the Creamy Chicken Alfredo and Homestyle Beef Lasagna. Look out for available deals when ordering: taking advantage of these offers can often save you quite a bit of money, regardless if you’re ordering for a group or just want a pizza to yourself. A few locations also offer all-you-can-eat dine-in service, great for getting together with your family and friends!